Within the spells- everyone has a type of magic that they can use, But there is also the dark/forbidden magics that has been shunned, feared, and outcast (in a sense, people are racist against those who can use the forbidden magics).


The setting is the city of Nebbia. Things that are known to be there are a dueling arena, a library, a school, the prison, the government building, Valley's End amusement park, and Fireside Foods restaurant.

The law enforcement is made to stop magic and arrest those that would misuse their power.

All those with forbidden/dark magics have to register their magic and get a special band that will show what magic they have. This also marks them as one of the "Cursed" magic users.

Each character needs something to channel their magic through. It is something they personally feel connected to, something that just clicks. There is also a source for their magic which needs to be picked, and that source would affect resistances and strengths.


Around 40,000 years ago, when magic was still a fairly new thing, those without magic feared those with it and often attacked and/or killed those with magic. Three people gathered together in order to form a place where those with magic could escape to and still be accepted. This started the Magic City of Nebbia and the Tri-wizard council.

Kalthien and Lutiea were happy with the progress of the city and how people slowly started to be happier and more relaxed around one another. However, Quelthar desired more and wanted revenge against those that wanted to take his life. So the dark sorcerer made a contract with a demon in order to gain more magical powers.

Using that magic, Quelthar killed Kalthien, and would have done the same to Lutiea had she not escaped with the help of a golem she made through her own magic. He didn't pursue her and instead started his conquest of world domination. He gathered many followers, and those that didn't follow him were too scared to go against him.

Meanwhile in a forest cottage, Lutiea worked long and hard to get Kalthien back from the dead. She poured over books and pleaded to the ancestral forces for guidance. After nearly a month of trying, she finally got Kalthien back.

One does not escape death without it leaving a mark though, and Kalthien now wielded another magic besides his normal Elemental magic, he also now had magic of Familiar summoning. The two gathered followers, Lutiea forming a strategy to take down her former friend.

After a long and high-casualty battle, the two won the battle. As punishment, Quelthar was stripped of his magic and sent into exile, but not before he vowed to return with a greater force. To make sure that didn't happen, Kalthien required all sorcerers to register their magic for 10,000 years until it only was required for those with forbidden magics.

Types of magic

There are three categories of magic in which they fall under; the lawful magics, The science magics, and the forbidden magics. Note those listed are not the only ones in that category.

Lawful Magics

Among these magics are the Elemental (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark), Healing, Time, Space, Psychic (Telekinetic), Shape shifting, and weather control. These magics are accepted anywhere the caster may go and there are many jobs for people with these magics. Many hold these people in high regard because of the great Hero Kalthien. The current representative is the descendant of great hero, Ebiros

Elemental Magic

This magic has the power of the elements in it. Generally the young have all six elements before settling on one or two of them. Fire was a blessing from Halfir, the Avatar of the Sun. Wind came from Galiter the dancer of spirit. Water was gifted by Aquhira, the Scholar of tides. Earth bestowed by Terkion, the Golem of Gaia. Light came from Lumise, and Dark from Noxire, the twins of balance.

Healing Magic

This magic heals wounds, cures ailments, eases suffering, and can possibly save someone from the grips of death. This magic has many benefits and those who have it may suffer themselves for having it. The current Healing Magic Master is Michael.

Time Magic

This magic reverses, speeds up, stops, slows, or forwards time. This magic cannot affect organic objects, nor can it stop something the caster can see (Ie a bullet) and touch (meaning the casters magic will not work through a recording/a video). The current Time Magic Master is Cronos.

Space Magic

This magic compresses space around an area, allowing for teleportation, slight warping of the area around the user, or storing things in a separate dimension. It can be very dangerous however if the user does not have a clear image of the place in their head. The current Space Magic Master is Galaxy, the twin to Cronos.

Psychic (Telekinetic) Magic

This magic has many branches and is considered the most diverse. Among the possibilities of this magic are Bi-location, Psychic surgery, Empath healing, or Divination. The current Psychic Magic Master is Tarot.

Shape shifting Magic

This magic allows the user to become 6~12 different forms. They have to be organic. This power is very useful for spying, and the government usually hires these people for such tasks. The current Shape Shifting Magic Master is Rudalo.

Weather Manipulation Magic

This magic allows the user to call upon and change the weather in a location. However if they use this power, there is a risk that another area will suffer from it. These people may also create their own weather if things permit (such as a snow cloud in winter). The current Weather Manipulation Magic Master is Maelstrom.

Science Magics

Among these magics are Alchemy, Matter manipulation, Magic forging, brewing, and sealers. While these people are rarer to come across, they are still respected and able to get jobs. They are accepted most placed and their Representative was the Noble Scholar Lutiea.

Alchemy Magic

The equivalent exchange of one object for another. It grows more and more difficult the more complex and valuable the object. The users of this magic are more known as Alchemists rather than sorcerers, as their magic lies more in the field of science rather than magic. The current master is Vayne.

Matter Manipulation Magic

The changing of something into another is similar to Alchemy, however this magic has to have the object in question retain it's properties. An example of this would be turning a steel necklace into a whip made of steel. The current master is Talic.

Magic Forge Magic

Unlike most magic, this one focuses on enhancing the current magic in an object or making an object have magical properties. This requires an exact measure of ingredients and careful care to make sure that things are added in the right order. The current master is Annalee

Brewing Magic

These sorcerers are typically not magical on their own, so they craft potions, poisons, and other such things to cause magical effects. They have to gather their ingredients and, same as the Magic Forgers, have to have an exact measurement for their concoction. The current master is Wildfang.


These sorcerers use exorcisms, sealing papers, prayer beads, and other such things in order to seal away malevolent forces. The reason these people are of science magic and not lawful is because these sorcerers need to be able to identify the type of malevolent force, know the proper sealing technique, and have to be able to execute it flawlessly. There are several types of this kind of magic and they are often known as exorcists. The current master is Kaleno.

Forbidden Magics

These magics include Blood, Necromancy, Illusion, Human or Animal Manipulation, Fear, Demonic summoning, and Magic Theft. This is the dark half of magic and those without these magics tend to hate and treat these spell casters with cruelty. They are labeled by The Betrayer Quelthar, who casted the Great Hero into death as he tried to take over the magical world.

Blood Magic

This foul magic allows one to use their own, or another's blood, as a weapon, or cause severe pain or pressure in a victim. It can also enhance the caster's natural abilities by using more blood flow in that area. The current master is Blodea.


This is the calling upon of the dead and using them as a weapon against others. It is considered a sin to disturb the dead, especially for one's own gain. The caster has free control over a limited number of undead; the more they bring back, the harder it is to control them. The current master is Skelos.

Illusion Magic

This one while it may seem tame, is actually highly problematic as it can be used to drive someone insane to to do something they normally wouldn't do. An Illusionist uses imagery to trick others, even in battle. The current master is Kataru

Human or Animal Manipulation Magic

This magic is used to override your will over the will of others. It goes hand in hand with illusion in that it would can drive someone to do something they normally wouldn't. The current master is Lasuta

Fear Magic

This magic makes the fears of the enemy come to life or at least perceived to come to life. These sorcerers use fear as a medium to get stronger and cause more harm to those around them. The current master is Vice.

Demonic Summoning Magic

Demons are very powerful beings that have potent magic and can cause harm to those descended from the divine just by being in their presence. These magic users are dangerous in that as long as they uphold their part of their contract, they can call upon the demon at any time, as well as call multiple demons (limited to three at a time). The current master is Salo

Magic Theft magic

This speaks for itself in that the user of this magic can steal the magic of others, rendering them powerless. They can use the stolen magic as well, though not as strongly as others. The stolen magic does return after awhile, but it can cause severe pain upon being returned. The current master is Zero.

Sources of magic

For every magic user, there needs to be an origin of their magic. These ancestral forces may be benevolent or malevolent in nature.


This category is of the divine beings such as angels, demigods, and such. Typically these people have the more Lawful magics and a keener sense to the suffering of others.


This category is of the beings sent from Hell such as Demons, Devils, and monsters. On Average, these people have the forbidden magics and are more prone to violence.


The people descended from this group can be either Lawful magics or Science magics. The wisemen were people who spent many hours upon studying the laws and rules of nature and science in order to channel their natural energies into helping others.


Those descended from the Fae-folk can have any of the magics. Mischievous and clever, the Fae-folk had natural magics that made others try to avoid them.


These are people descended from dragons. Typically they have Lawful magic, but they can have any of the magics. Those that are the kin of dragons are a dangerous force to be reckoned with.


These are for those born under the right celestial occurrences such as a Lunar/Solar Eclipse, the constellation being in the right spot, or a meteor shower. These people generally have science magics and have great insight to the world around them.


These people get their power from the undead (Ghoul, Zombie, Vampire, Mummy, ect;.) and typically they have forbidden magics. Despite being descended from the undead, they are not rotting/falling apart/need bodily sustenance that normal undead need.


This is from obtaining power from an ancient artifact, book, or such. These artifacts hold great power and few are able to control their magic. These artifacts can hold many different magics and are not limited to which category where they fall.


These sorcerers draw magic from the nature itself. As the oldest and most raw form of magic, these people will always have a magic connected to nature in some way, be it through weather, plants, elemental, or summoning.


These people draw upon the strength of a muse or a being of great influence. This group consists of artists, musicians, dancers, actors, and writers. The magic varies greatly but typically these people fall in the Science magics.