The Supernatural Disease AU is an AU where people are infected with a disease that turns them into a supernatural creature. Those that are not infected are walled up to protect them, those that are infected are in the slum-like cities outside of the walls fighting for survival.

Cures Edit

There is a cure, but it is so outlandishly expensive that no one can afford it. However it has not been tested so there is no guarantee it actually works or not.

Diseases Edit

There are a number of diseases, and not all of them are limited to just the ones that will be listed.

Vampirism Edit

A disease that makes people crave blood. It is trademarked by elongated fangs, paler skin, aversion to light, garlic, holy places/things, and other such things. It starts with just a craving for blood that can be ignored, but it progressively gets worst as time goes on until you become a vampire. There is a subtype of this called Leechvyres that instead of blood, they go after soul essence/life energy.

Lycanthropy/Werewolfism Edit

A disease where the person becomes a wolfman at night. There are several types for this following traits that might come from one of the following:

  • Full moon, every night, other moon phase
  • Bi-pedal, anthropomorphic (able to be two legged or four legged), four legged
  • Feral or sane

These people also are severely hurt by silver and loud sounds.

Angel/Demonism Edit

These people are afflicted with being either a heavenly being or a hellish being. There are several types depending on which category they fall under:

  • Demons: Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Envy
  • Angels: Charity, Temperance, Kindness, Chasity, Humility, Diligence, Patience

They are weakened by one another so they can't crossbreed well. Signature trait is the wings for the heavenly beings.

Zombies/Undead Edit

These people hunger for flesh and will stop at nearly nothing to get it. They don't have the physical limitations a human might have, but they are rotting away. They can also lose limbs, slowing them down. It might be harder for them to talk as well.

Specter/Ghosts Edit

These people have become beings that cannot be seen or heard unless they interact with things around them. They can pass through things, fly, and other ghost-y things.