The Rules

  1.  Be respectful to others

This shouldn't have to be an issue here. Treat others with the respect.

2.  Listen to the Staff.

If they ask you to stop, then please stop. This is supposed to be a place where people can talk about problems with one another in a calm manner.

3. No Godmodding or Puppetteering

This has been a serious issue in the past. Godmodding, in this wikia, will be defined as "being incapable of receiving any damage, always getting the target, having powers not suitable to the realm of the RP, recovering instantaniously from any damage that is received" (Please note this can be ammended if needed.)

Puppettering is also an issue. Unless the owner of the character has given you permission, you may not control another person's character.

4. Try to avoid Mary-sues/Gary-stues

This has also been an issue in the past. These two archetypes can be avoided, and if you need help developing a character, the founder (NefariousChild) can help. If you are worried your character falls in these two archetypes, there is a test online to check.

5. Keep explicit stuff in Private messaging

I imagine I don't have to say this but even with the "not meant for children", the younger audience comes anyways. Keep anything that would be explicit in private messaging.

6. No Shitposting

Is this really needed to be outlined? It isn't allowed unless one of the staff members starts and will end when it is asked to stop; the first time.

7. Unless otherwise stated, No crossovers

If it is a crossover AU (example: Five Nights at Freddy's and Sly Cooper), that is fine, but otherwise keep things that do not belong out of the RP. Some exceptions are: Mike (The Mike Schmidt), Foxy (YoureMyPiratesCove), Mari (MariMarionette), and Master Freddy (The Real Freddy Fazbear).

8. "No alts, unless related to RP"

     This a general rule for this and our sister wiki, The Showstage. Some people just can't stand alts and it really gets confusing. If a person is caught with an unrelated RP alt, then said person will be dealt with at the Admins/Chat mods leisure.
  •       Staff members:
  1. Founder: NefariousChild
  2. Admins/Muses: MariMarionette, Iris Blanche, The Real Freddy Fazbear, Youremypiratescove, The Mike Schmidt
  3. Chat Moderators: ZacharyRayYork,