So these will be OCs I use commonly in RPing. Note these are NOT in order of most used to least use, but rather just a list of characters you can expect to see from me. Sometimes I will combine people mostly because they will be a group counted as a whole or an alternate personality of someone. If I ever share an OC with someone, I will put the co-owner's name down as well.

Male Characters Edit

Yes, I am breaking it down instead of just listing. :P You are welcome

  • Kevin Cobbler/Cordoli
  • Eon
  • Arpegio
  • Lupine
  • Shane
  • Lobo
  • Lowe
  • Aguni
  • Escari
  • Frank
  • Xil
  • Gale

Female Characters Edit

Whoo the female characters!

  • Kiriko
  • Alice
  • Luna
  • Ebony
  • Sally
  • Ivy
  • Yukia
  • Toast
  • Jade
  • Belle
  • Rimael

Other Characters Edit

These could be both male or female; this is where groups are

  • DIMA Muses (Shaymus, Itsukan, Furuyu, Conrad, Konyan, Wilfur, Theodor)
  • Sam (what even is this person gender wise?)
  • Retro Primordials (There is a lot here)
  • Mana (Magic Anon, no one knows what she is)
  • A plethora of NPCs
  • the random noises y'all here
  • Percy (what even is he really?) *Co-owned by Nakeada Toshiro*
  • Belle's Snakes (be it snake hair or pet snakes)