It's in the eyes! The power to move waves, cause blistering heat, whip up powerful tornadoes, or disappear without a trace. The fragile balance between the governments hangs at risk as the threat of war looms closer. It is up to players as to who they ally themselves with.


There are plenty of Races to pick from, each with their own back story and history. These races also have rules and restrictions that they may be burdened with.


This race may not have any special trades or things that could make them stand out from the others, but they are advanced in science and literature. They are strong and resilient, making them for a formidable foe.


This race is not your average kind. These elves are all trained assassins, working on the art of killing to a mastery. They are excellent craftsmen, making most of the world's weapons. They are currently developing a more powerful firearm. They also have a coming of age, a very important event; when they complete their coming of age test, they receive a piercing that cannot be removed.

Shape Shifters

These people are able to change from 3-5 different animal forms. They are descended from elven shamans who learned the art of transformation in order to avoid being killed during the Magic Purge. The Pure Bloods, which are fewer in numbers, have kept their elven shaman blood strong. They are able to become more fantastic beasts. The Impure Bloods, however, have their once strong blood sullied by humans. As a result, they are only able to become more common animals. This race is strong in making potions and remedies out of the natural world around them.