This AU is based off of an anime of the same name, also known as K. There are seven kings each with powers or abilities beyond that of a normal human. Each of these kings has a sword that if it crashes into the ground, it will not only destroy everything in that area, but it will make everything there unusable. Among these seven kings are the Silver/First King, Gold/Second King, Red/Third King, Blue/Fourth King, Green/Fifth King, Yellow/sixth King, and the Colorless/Seventh king. Among those only the seventh king is the unknown; the one that can shift the balance for good or for evil.

In addition to that, NefariousChild has made the seven queens. These queens are based around flowers instead of colors and they generally oppose the seven kings. The are represented not by a sword, but by scythe with equally destructive power. There is The Rose/First Queen, the Iris/Second Queen, The Bluebell/Third Queen, The Buttercup/Fourth Queen, the Lily/Fifth Queen, the Peony/Sixth Queen, and the Daisy/Seventh queen.

The Seven Kings Edit

The seven kings can choose to be good or evil, help or hurt others. A king can only kill another king; their underlings cannot do it. Each king can place part of their power in their vassals to make them a part of their crew. *Important note* A King does not have to be male, there can be a female king. The clansmen, or vassals, are very loyal to the king.

The Silver King Edit

This is the first king, also known as the immortal king. They have the power of gravity, but also their healing is vastly superior. Their power is held within their soul and not their body, so even if one were to switch bodies with them, they would still retain all their powers though they might suffer amnesia. They rule over the sky

The Gold King Edit

This is the second king. They were specially chosen by the First King and rules over the land. Their power is cosmic projection and is the exclusive power of the gold clan.

The Red King Edit

This is the third king. By far the most violent and destructive, this king is one to beware. This king and their clan have the power of fire and the burning passion that comes with it.

The Blue King Edit

This is the fourth king. As this king have an incredibly high defense with their barrier projection, they need another form of combat to rely on.

The Green King Edit

This is the fifth king. Not much is known about this king as they are cloaked in mystery.

The Yellow King Edit

This is the sixth king. Not much is known about this king as they are cloaked in mystery.

The Colorless King Edit

This is the wildcard seventh King as they could possess virtually any power that a king doesn't already have.

The Seven Queens Edit

These seven oppose the seven kings in almost every way and are equally as powerful. Their clansmen are also loyal to the Queen and it is believed that the clansmen are more powerful than their queen in order to protect her. Unlike the Kings, The Queens are exclusively female. Each of the queens also represents one of the seven deadly sins.

The Rose Queen Edit

Also known as the queen of thorns, this queen has the power to ensnare her foes through eye contact or through words. As slippery as a snake, she rules with cunning wit. (Lust)

The Iris Queen Edit

The queen with the ability to manipulate probability, she is one not to anger. Often called the queen of fate, she never lets an opportunity pass by. (Greed)

The Buttercup Queen Edit

This sickly sweet queen may seem nice, but she'd sooner poison you than let you talk down on her. (Pride)

The Bluebell Queen Edit

This queen of sleep induces it onto others. Known as the Sleeping beauty, it might be a long time before you wake from her nightmare induced sleep. (Sloth)

The Peony Queen Edit

The Queen of Illusions, she alters perception of her victims. Also known as the queen of fear, she is one hellion to avoid. (Gluttony)

The Lily Queen Edit

This Queen of violent temperament is often called a tiger. She enhances the strength of those around her and never plays fair. (Wrath)

The Daisy Queen Edit

Probably the only good one among them, she is innocent as the snow of her powers. People often call her The Snow Queen. (Envy)