An AU where four races are on the edge of war and the only thing keeping it from happening is the capital in the center of the four regions.

History Edit

In the beginning there was nothing, nothing save for four beings. Together these four beings created time and space, life and death, the world and all the celestial bodies, and many other things. It was a peaceful time, one where all was right with the world. Then the four created their respective races and things turned sour quickly.

"You think your race is the best? They can't even move the land. We are the best!" Jo'kon of the beasts and monsters boasted.

"What good is moving the land if you haven't the wit to back it up?" Llora-ta of the hellish beings huffed. "We use our wit and powers to out advantage."

"Hah!" Tatureal laughed. "Strength and wit? We have them both! We are clearly superior."

Rayta, of the humans, who had been quiet up until now, peered at his three fighting siblings, saying in a quiet voice, but one filled with absolute seriousness, "We can kill you all and not care what happens." This fight went on for many years, causing many to fight and even more death.

It wasn't until the Spirit scholar confronted the four primordial beings that they paused and listened.

"Oh great and powerful masters of us all. Can you not see the death and destruction your people have done. The once beautiful world is now smothering and barren. So many want this fighting to stop, to have peace in the land." They said, pleading to the sense of justice for the primordials' own race's safety. The four thought on this and agreed.

"So long as a Spirit Scholar is alive, there shall not be war" Jo'kon states, nodding.

"We will have your soul reincarnated unto the next generation upon your death" Tatureal states

"However, you will be a different race each time." Llora-ta says. "To keep it fair and balanced."

"There shall also be a city where absolutely no fighting is permitted, where all races can be equal." Rayta adds in. "There shall also be no magic permitted there and we will each declare one of our magics forbidden to use to keep the balance of the world safe." And with that, the deal made and the four magics picked for the forbidden use, the city was made and peace was once more in the world.

While small skirmishes broke out when not in the city, the peace stayed even if it was strained. The four peoples were broken into four directions where the opposites were not touching. For many years the Spirit Scholar helped maintain peace within the world.

Laws Edit

There are quite a few laws in place for each region as well as in the capital.

Capital: Edit

  • No Fighting is permitted within the capital walls unless it is in the Colosseum. Battles there are not to the death and it is to settle arguments that otherwise cannot be settled.
  • No magic is permitted within the capital walls.
  • One must have a pass to go to other regions aside from your own.

Humans/Hunters Edit

  • No hunting anything to endangerment/extinction.
  • The use of Life/Death magic is strictly forbidden and is punishable by a 10,000,000,000 gold fine, life in prison with no chance at parole, and being stripped of magic.
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Demons/hellish beings Edit

  • Tricking/Tormenting/Harassing other races is encouraged so long as it does not result in death.
  • The use of poison magic is strictly forbidden and is punishable by death.
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Angels/Heavenly beings Edit

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Beasts/Monsters Edit

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Races Edit

There are four races each with different strengths and weaknesses. There has been no cross species children seen outside of the capital.

Angels/Heavenly beings Edit

This race is often called The Divine. They live to the north of the capital and are described as 'beings of pure innocence and destruction'. While there are exceptions to this, 'anything that is evil must die' is their philosophy. There is the council of seven and the house of judgement; The Council of seven comprises of seven seraphs, and the house of judgement has deities/gods/goddesses. As they are divine/light-based, they are weakened by darkness/evil.

Demons/Hellish beings Edit

This race is often called the Hellions. They live to the south of the capital and are described as 'beings of wickedness, trickery, and selfishness'. While there are exceptions to this, 'snuff out all light and purity' is their philosophy. There is a Council of seven. The council comprises of the Seven lords of sin. As they are hellish/dark-based, they are weakened by light/good.

Humans/Hunters Edit

This race is as what it is called. They live to the east of the capital and are described as 'ignorant beings of survival and stupidity' by other races. They have no philosophy and live each day as it were. They have smaller communities run by people-elected governmental bodies and then there is one central leader. They are weakened by most other magics.

Monsters/Beasts Edit

This race is often called Wildes. They live to the west of the capital and are often described as "savage creatures of instinct and violence". While there are exceptions to this, their philosophy is "Preserve the land at the cost of your life". There is smaller run communities, but it generally follows "strongest is the leader". They are weakened by metallic and fire things.

Cross-species Edit

These people are hated outside of the capital and if they are to leave, they are very much killed on sight. These things include dhampires (half human, half vampire), Fallen angels (angels corrupted by demonic influence), Nephilim (half angel, half human). Their magic is also weaker and they inherit their father's magic.

Magic Edit

There are four kinds of magic that each of the four races can use; there is no crossing of magics between races.

Angelic/Heavenly beings: Edit

  • Light- the manipulation and refraction of light is one of the key magic these beings have at their disposal and it is often why they are referred to as beings of light/purity.
  • Wind- the manipulation of natural winds to cause powerful gales or soft breezes. This is one of the four Cardinal elements.
  • Celestial- this is a highly dangerous magic that is rarely if ever used. It can cause massive damage to all species including the celestial.
  • Time/Space- the manipulation of the time and space of inanimate/inorganic objects.

Demons/Hellish beings Edit

  • Fire- the ability to manipulate fire is a special trait of demons and ofter goes under appreciated. This is one of the four Cardinal elements.
  • Dark- the manipulation and refraction of darkness is the key magic of these beings ave at their disposal and it is ofter why they are known as impure/evil beings.
  • Ice- The ability to call forth ice and manipulate that ice as a weapon is a hard skill to master, but it is very dangerous when it is.
  • Poison- one of the more dangerous magics as it can easily effect all species with the same ferocity. This magic is a last-ditch effort to stay away.

Monsters/Beasts Edit

  • Earth- the ability to manipulate earth is the key trait of this race and it often goes under appreciated. This is one of the four Cardinal Elements.
  • Nature- this is another key ability of this race as it assists them in many of their day-to-day tasks. It is the manipulation of plant life.
  • Weather- the manipulation of weather is a very dangerous thing and is rarely if ever used by this race. While they can end the war with this, it will also devastate every other land as well as their own.
  • Instinct- Using ancestral magic to call on the strength and power of the ancestors to aid them in fight.

Humans/Hunters Edit

  • Water- the ability to manipulate water is the key trait of this race and is very much appreciated. This is one of the four cardinal elements.
  • Metal- the ability to manipulate metal is a hard to master skill and takes a lot of time, but it is something in very high demand for all kinds of hunters.
  • Death/Life- This is a magic that is frowned upon and anyone using it gets heavy fines, jail time, and other such measures.
  • Creation- Magic that brings out the imagination of the creator. This only lasts a short period of time and is often used in festivals and parties.

Weapons Edit

Particular weapons do more damage to certain beings over others. Humans use artillery mostly (guns, crossbows, bows, canons) that do more damage to monsters/beasts, Angels/Heavenly beings mostly use bladed weapons (swords, spears, knives, daggers) and that does more damage to humans, Demons mostly use pole arms ( pole, staff, mace ) and it is effective against angelic beings, and beasts/monsters mostly use blunt weapons (hammer, nunchuck, flail) that is effective against demons.

Regions Edit

Each of the races has their own region that is broken down further